Welcome to CCCM

The National Centre for Compositional Characterisation of Materials (CCCM), Hyderabad has been set up by the Department of Atomic Energy, (DAE) Government of india as a national facility for analytical sciences. Presently, a division under the Chemistry Group of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), CCCM is an ISO-17025 accredited laboratory for some of its analytical services.

CCCM provides total compositional characterisation (for inorganic constituents) of materials in terms of concentration of the bulk constituents; estimation of trace and ultra trace impurities, the chemical state information through speciation and the surface and depth distribution profiles. The Centre is configured into four major laboratories: Bulk Analysis Section (BAS), Surface and Profile Measurement Section (SPMS)
Ultra Trace Analysis Section (UTAS) and Resonance Ionization Mass Spectrometry Section (RIMS) and houses necessary support facilities.

The major activities of the Centre are

The Centre invites different segments of our society like industry and academics to come forward to exploit the potential of the Centre in providing analytical solutions and be partners in progress. The scientists of the Centre would be happy to provide unique solutions to difficult and challenging analytical problems.